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- THE CONVALESCENCE - From Toledo, Ohio :

The Convalescence was founded as a side project in March 2011 but after the release of their first single "Extermination" it became a full time band for everyone involved. The Convalescence made appearances on the Northwest Ohio Metalfest, Bludgeonfest, Select dates on The Lone Wolves Tour with Winterus (Lifeforce Records), Northern Wisconsin Metalfest, Select dates of The IgniTour with Ice Nine Kills and Like Moths To Flames (Rise Records), Alcoholacaust, The All Freaks Halloween Ball, The Winter Wipe Out Tour with The Black Order, Select dates of the This Is Where It Ends Tour with All Shall Perish (Nuclear Blast), Carnifex (Victory), Fleshgod Apocalypse (Nuclear Blast), Conducting From The Grave, and The Contortionist (Good Fight), Alcoholacaust 2, Toledo Deathfest, The MonsTour, Select dates of the Live For Violence Tour with King Conquer (Mediaskare) and Abiotic (Metal Blade), and the Toledo Metalfest with Mushroomhead (Megaforce) in support of their EP titled "Memories"

In October 2012 The Convalescence released their debut full length album titled "Unmasking The Betrayer" and began touring in support of the most recent release starting with the For The Fans Tour with Kleos including headlining the Toledo Metalfest and appearing on the Age Ov The Gods Festival with Master and Sacrificial Slaughter (Ossuary). The band is now gearing up to continue their 2013 touring starting in May with Vital Remains (Century Media), The EradicaTour with Erimha (Victory) including select dates with Mushroomhead (Megaforce), The See You LayTour with Along Came A Spider (Standby) and Fallen Captive including select dates with Forever In Terror and playing the Do You Like It Heavy? Fest with In Dying Arms (Artery), Kingdom Of Giants, Reformers, Along Came A Spider (Standby), and Fallen Captive, and the Indianapolis Metalfest with Decrepit Birth (Nuclear Blast), Incantation (Relapse), and Acheron. Many more dates will be announced soon!

The Convalesence will be entering the studio this winter to record their first album for Ferocious Records. May 2014 is the target time frame for release.




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