• Founded: 2011

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Sykosis is a band that aims to continue building upon the great musical leaps our influences have made for this great artform of extreme metal. We are one of those bands that is hard to categorize but we've been told we incorporate epic death metal vocals, hardcore groove with epic guitar riffs and a sense of aggressive melody The stage show of Sykosis can be defined as shock metal. We are not just a plug in and go type of band! We enjoy putting on an actual show, giving the people what they came and paid for, to be entertained and shocked! We are here to release our inner demons; and help the Syko - Nation: the people that feel the same way we do, release their inner demons as well. This music is cathartic- it helps us purge the negative and replace it with a positive by rocking to the extreme! Lyrically our songs deal with the "demons" of life, such as poverty, abuse, torture, love loss, betrayal, and war. Every band member has filled their life around people who understand and sacrifice time, money and energy for the sake of what we all do, they understand wholeheartedly that we have a purpose in life and it is music!

Tommy Drumz - Drums
Adam Dukes - Vocals
Klit - Guitar
Dannonball - Bass
Daemon Hunter - DJ