Solipsist is a five-piece metal band from Cleveland, OH. Their first E.P. “Medicate the Masses” was released in 2007. Since then Solipsist has worked on perfecting a style of metal they can call their own. They are a self-sufficient band that writes, produces, and records all the music that you hear on each of their four releases to date. “The Human Equation” was Solipsists’ first full length studio album. Pre-production began in April 2010 and was release October 2010. The CD features 10 crushing tracks that display the musical diversity of Solipsist. This is the first release with current guitar player Mark Witherspoon. “…this isn’t an album for the faint of heart… It’s an exercise in vicious force.” (Jeff Niesel, Scene Magazine) “Extinction Protocol” was released April 14, 2012 in their hometown. It is their most intense effort to date, featuring six tracks that will leave you with an experience to remember. The music shows their maturity and that they have no boundaries in the way they write their music. “Extinction Protocol” will solidify their place in the modern metal music scene. “These songs are fierce, with a level of musicianship seldom seen in this genre.” (Chris Akin, For the past six years, Solipsist has been producing and releasing albums independently. They do it for the love of metal, and are not concerned with conforming to one genre. If you ask them they will say “we are a metal band, and we play metal music.”

Noah Buchanan - Vocals
Mark Witherspoon-Lead guitar
Steve Sinko-Guitar, Vocals
Nate Taddeo - Guitar
Dave Chojnacki - Drums
Dave Vezdos - Bass