Artist: INJURY


Injury was born on September 2008, from the collaboration of four musicians friends from their local scene, with several live acts performed. The quartet immediately get known for a sound made of sharp and granitic riffs, that never make forget the '80/'90 attitude of the old style thrash. Injury's music combines the immediacy of the "anthems" of the genre with the constant research of the sound power of the last modern productions, getting ispired by bands like Anthrax, Megadeth, Exodus, Heathen, Testament, etc.
On the Spring of 2010, ready with the release of their demo, Injury start the live promotion activity, collecting many consents and keeping on with their songwriting work.
On the fall of 2010 arrives the deal with Punishment 18 Records that lead to the release of the debut album "Unleash the violence" on April 2011. During this time, the band increased its live presence, supporting bands like Death Angel, Lazarus AD, Bonded By Blood and Suicidal Angels.

ARTIO - Soul, Heart, Everything else
Alle - Vocals
Mibbe - Bass / Backing Vocals
Pollo - Drums
Simon - Lead / Rhythm Guitar